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Many associate VoIP services with a business purpose in the first place. Sure thing, most VoIP providers consider businesses of all scales as their targeted audience. Yet, the companies never restrict themselves from giving a helping hand to the customers who want to benefit from the service. The convenience of VoIP makes it quite attractive for trying it out, at least. All you need to have is the Internet and some extra equipment, which would earn its keep.

VOIP Providers


CloudPhone is a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol software based in San Diego and created by Voxox in 2006. With CloudPhone, you get an advanced experience of managing your contacts, calls, texts, and other essential features. They will come in handy even if you are not running a large enterprise. You can always get your number or transfer your number to the CloudPhone system, with the possibility to port out your unique number to another provider without fees charged or delays in port requests.

CloudPhone has won a variety of awards for its excellent customer support and quality of a product. It is easy to set up and trust your calls and other options that will come regardless of the plan you are picking up. CloudPhone, as well as other providers, strives to create a unique customer experience. What makes it even better, the software comes with the possibility to change, upgrade, or cancel your plan at any time with a warrant for 30-days. If something doesn’t satisfy you, you always can get a refund in the 30 days after the activation period.

All plans come with features of voicemail transcription, WiFi calling, call transfer, fax, and the possibility to use the mobile app. The basic plan will cost you $24.99/month, and it includes one number, two extensions, and one virtual receptionist. The professional plan will cost $34.99/month, with 3 numbers, 6 extensions, 2 virtual receptionists, conference calling, and business hours feature. The Small Business plan costs $64.99/month, with 10 numbers, an unlimited number of extensions, virtual receptionists, professionally recorded greeting, and call recording features.

You always can project a positive image with a toll-free number or set a local presence via numbers in the area codes that you want. CloudPhone manages to deliver easy and simple to use a virtual phone system that allows you to be as flexible as possible in terms of home usage or even small business beginning. Local phone numbers can be added to your account at any time, and it will cost you only $5 for a month, without any limits. At the same time, Voxox provides you with a virtual software solution. But, if needed, you can manage traditional Hosted PBX solution with a desk, conference, and other call center options.

The company also allows you to manage all calls and other features via an application for iOS and Android. The option of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is manageable when contacting the company.

Phone Power

PhonePower is a VoIP company that was founded in 2005. Currently, it is California-based and gains more popularity among the customers. The company’s target audience is primarily the US and Canada residents, with the possibility to make unlimited calls internationally (over 75 countries). A perfect solution for home and business, PhonePower provides their customers with a mobile application for iOS and Android, convenient connection of phones via PhonePower Adapter, and even fax support. As with many other VoIP providers, all you need to have is a high-speed internet connection (Cable, DSL, or Fiber Optic) and a phone.

PhonePower is very user-friendly and quick to set up for working right away. You don’t have to be an advanced user or ask for professional help, plug it into your router. PhonePower Customer Support is always ready to help you out and improve your experience. New customers can choose between paying monthly or prepay the plan for 6 or 12 months ahead, which will come with a discount of up to 50%.

Specifically for home usage, you can look up for PhonePower plans for USA/Canada, which will cost $8.33 per month, $9.95 per year, or $19.95on a no-contract basis. These plans include unlimited calling throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, international calling, the possibility to link your number with VoIP, fax and mobile app, free cloned second line, and 30-days money-back guarantee. It also includes countless helpful features like call notifications, softphone, clock list, call waiting, remote click2call, and many other features. Moreover, these plans also consist of a phone adapter for free.

What makes PhonePower plans interesting is also a knowledge base that has helpful self assistant systems. You can always look for relevant articles that will ease your experience. PhonePower also allows you to make 311 city service calls and stay updated and proactive in regards to your community wellbeing. Additionally, the company provides you with bringing your own device (BYOD) option, which lets you use any SIP-enabled device with a connection with the software.

PhonePower also allows you to buy the needed equipment and hardware without any worries and extra efforts. In connection with the BYOD option, the company also provides you with a free softphone. PhonePower is a good match for your residential and small business needs that comes with a low price and high quality.


Phone.com started way back in 1996 with its first product EVP & CTO, but officially it was founded in 2007, and now it is a popular self-service cloud communication platform with headquarters in Newark, NJ. Phone.com provide their services to more than 30.000 businesses, with most essential features and hardware-free solutions. It is the best option for remote operations or offices. The company’s customer service works as a clock, all in favor of your convenience, ready to help you out and give a hand in the most difficult situations.

Phone.com is more than suitable for remote control over your work and personal concerns, available on your smartphone, notebook, and tablets. Your computer can become a real workstation, and you will always be in control of everything that happens, even if you don’t have access to a traditional phone per se. You can choose your number for virtual phone service in any convenient manner you would like to. It is the best pick for individual users for sure.

There are two types of plans that Phone.com offers, Pay per Minute Plans and Unlimited Plans. Pay per minute includes Base that will cost you $12.99/month, or $9.99/month if paying annually, Plus costing $19.99/month, or $14.99/month if choosing annual payment, and Pro that will be yours for $39.99/month or $29.99/month when paying annually.

All these plans include 300, 500, or 1000 monthly minutes, unlimited user extensions, thousands of SMS messages, and standard features including voicemail to mail, call queuing, and many more. You can book a demo and receive appropriate help if needed. No worries, Phone.com allows you to change your plan without any additional efforts.

Unlimited plans have a higher price, but it would be worth it, considering that minutes are unlimited for each plan. The base plan will cost as low as $29.99/month, Plus $37.99/month, and Pro $59.99/month. Of course, unlimited plans are more suitable for small and mid businesses, but if you are an individual entrepreneur, you can look up to this solution.

Moreover, Phone.com offers an additional solution for getting your virtual phone number, with prices starting at $9.99/month. As easy as it may seem, you sign up online, pick a number, and then communicate globally with all essential features and the best call quality.


Verizon was founded back in 2005 in Keller, Texas. The company provides its users with many homes and business solutions, including VoIP services that were launched in Virginia and Maryland in 2008. Verizon is not shy about offering unique opportunities for different industries and institutions. Verizon also provides private internal networks that enhance the efficiency and security of your enterprise.

Most definitely would satisfy any query and request from advanced customers and give a helping hand to those who only learn about VoIP and its benefits. The company is easy to be confused by all the versatile products that they offer. Verizon covers all areas of interest and develops the individual strategy concerning your unique requests. Among VoIP solutions, there is Preferred Voice business phone service, Business Digital Voice, Virtual PBX, and Fios Digital Voice, which are rich with features and opening horizons for your small business or home.

In-home solution plans, you can find two convenient options, Unlimited that will cost $79.99 /month and Per-Minute $79.99/month, both prices come in a bundle with Internet and TV. Both plans are available in selected areas, they include residential direct-dialed domestic calls, with a backup battery for Fios voice services and E911. Some extra features will cost extra price and require a deposit for buying it. The difference between them lies within the rate for local, regional, and long-distance calls across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Home plans offer 30+ features that will change your home phone service experience forever, and they include caller ID, spam call block, and voicemail. The most visible benefits are keeping your previous number, call forwarding, call waiting with caller ID, online account manager, spam alerts, and many other features that include a guide in English and Spanish languages. Of course, at the end of the month, you will see a drastic difference in your bills for calls and improvement in calling experience.

For comparison, the business offers like Preferred Voice would cost you $59.00/month, Digital Voice $35.00/month for up to 5 lines. Verizon also provides its customers with excellent Customer and Technical Support that goes without saying for every user of the network. It is the best option if you want to secure your calls and make them seamless and without interruptions.

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