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VoIP is not a new but less popular solution for residential users all across the globe. The use of traditional landline phones didn’t decrease. But modern technologies and other aspects challenge people to consider new options for their homes.

With VoIP residential services, you can forget about unwanted spam or missed calls. You can always be in touch with your family and keep up with important information without any misunderstandings. VoIP companies always focus on giving the best services for all ranges of their users, including residential plans.

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CloudPhone is not a newbie on Voice over the Internet Protocol market. The software was created in 2006 in San Diego, by the company Voxox. Ever since the company grows and improves its services for a wide range of customers and needs: from business solutions to residential phone systems. The software is easy to set up and customize all for your convenience. If choosing a low price and high-quality service, then it is better to consider CloudPhone as your advanced or first experience pick.

CloudPhone is the next step in mobility and organization for people who cannot be in one place and wait for calls to be made. Although we often associate homes as something far from mobile, the possibility to manage all your routines on your smartphone or notebook upgrades your experience on different levels. You always can manage your account and see all relevant data from minutes, SMS messages, credits, and extensions.

CloudPhone is cloud-based software, which means that your PC becomes not only your fortress but also a management console, where you can link all your phone and email contacts in one platform and manage them accordingly. You don’t have to buy any extra equipment for the best result, as CloudPhone works perfectly on appropriate devices.

The company offers three plans, either of which can be used for different purposes, but the advanced ones include extended possibilities for entrepreneurs. The basic plan will cost you $24.99 per month, with one phone number, two extensions, and a virtual receptionist. The professional plan will cost $34.99/month with three numbers, two receptionists, conference calling, business hours features. The small business plan will cost you $64.99 per month with ten numbers, and unlimited extensions, virtual receptionists, and callings.

The benefit of CloudPhone as a home provider is limitless possibilities for international and domestic calls without any additional cost. Your call history would be at your hand for the record, and you never miss an important call regardless of where and when you were called.

CloudPhone also provides excellent Customer and Technical Support experience, available for you in any convenient channel of communication, either email or phone. However, be ready that the Support team won’t be lightning-fast during night hours. You always can reach Support via a toll-free number and have access to helpful articles, materials, and other mediums for solving your issue yourself and become a more advanced user.

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