McAfee Life Safe

McAfee Live Safe Reviews in This Year

Doubt whether McAfee is a worthy antivirus product or not? McAfee is surely one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the antivirus world, and we have seen that it has become even better at malware protection in the last few years. However, how does McAfee work, and should we trust it? We are here to find out. Today, we collected McAfee live safe reviews to be sure you get comprehensive information on this security solution. Generally, McAfee is capable of protecting your PC and other devices from the most common threats, however, is it enough nowadays when malicious programs are very creative? In this review, we will analyze the key features of McAfee and whether it is good for your computer or not.

McAfee Live Safe: key features

Let’s begin with definitely the most attractive feature of McAfee Live Safe — its multi-device compatibility. In other words, it is possible to install this security product on every Mac, PC, and smartphone you have. Sounds great, right? This feels like a breath of fresh air in contrast to other antiviruses. Live Safe provides consistent protection from viruses and malicious programs across all of your gadgets. Do you need protection while surfing the Internet? Of course! If you use your little digital helpers for managing various data and want to guard them, you definitely should use McAfee Live Safe. Today we are concerned not only about viruses and malware but also about web and email protection. McAfee has the best protection priority in all these fields. It even offers home network services to secure your information. Moreover, it works with clouds in your system. What can be better?

Pros and cons of McAfee

Like other antivirus solutions, McAfee has its strengths and weaknesses. Here is a brief description of its weak and strong points. Pros 1. High level of protection for Android and Windows. McAfee constantly gets excellent scores in the independent lab tests, showing it will save your devices from all possible threats. 2. It doesn’t reduce your system performance. In other words, your computer will work as fast as usual as McAfee demonstrates flawless results in the performance evaluations. 3. The password manager is one of the best. McAfee has a special tool for passwords, called True Key and it can use facial recognition to allow a user to log in. Cons 1. Limited protection for iOS. McAfee works differently with different operating systems. If you have devices on iOS, McAfee can offer you only anti-theft services. 2. Parental control isn’t as good as it could be, comparing to other competitors.

McAfee Life Safe: protection

McAfee Life Safe provides full protection for every device you have, including antimalware, anti-theft, and antivirus protection. Overall, the quality of protection is incredibly high, so we are going to pay attention to some details. The anti-theft service allows you to track and remotely block stolen or just lost devices, protect against uninstalls, and remotely secure data. This is particularly useful for tablets and smartphones. When performing various Live Safe’s scans on Macs, antivirus protection works quite efficiently. However, we have to admit that the Mac version of McAfee is a bit worse than the PC one.

McAfee Life Safe: price

McAfee Live Safe for one year costs $119.99 ($39.99 for the first year!), and what is great, the number of devices is unlimited. Under its coverage, devices include Windows PC, Mac, smartphones, and iOS.

McAfee Life Safe: user experience

MacAfee provides a very simple and well-organized interface from an antivirus point of view. It is possible to customize the scans using a personalized scan. The dashboard consists of three sections. The grey section on the left offers a secure icon and the list of devices. The upper bar has the drop downs covering home, security, identity, privacy, and account. The section in the center has a scan, true key, and updates icons.

What is our final verdict?

McAfee Live Safe is a great antivirus package at a great price. Although its protection for Mac and Windows is above all expectations, the iOS is quite poor. You should bear in mind this fact before purchasing the security product. And the price is quite affordable — $39.99 for the first year to protect an unlimited number of devices. Overall, Live Safe is worth your attention, especially if you have many devices.