Disconnect VPN in Windows 10

One in five people and one in two companies use VPN providers, and this is no secret. Getting to know this technology is a simple matter, but what if you want to end your relationship (and connections) without leaving a trace? 

In this article, we will provide essential information on how to disable and disconnect VPN on different operating systems and applications.

Disconnecting a VPN: what you need to know first?

Any instruction describing getting rid of a VPN has a simple logic behind it. Whatever device or system you are using, the simplest solution is to disconnect from the network. If this method is not suitable, you need to look deeper. Settings and configuration need to be deleted, as well as forget the previously used network on the mobile device.

If everything is clear with the theory, let’s move on to practice. Let’s take a look at how to untangle a private virtual network on a PC, or rather on the most popular operating system at the moment – Windows 10.

The user is faced with one simple task in two variations:

  • The first is to find the VPN connection icon in the system tray, right-click on it and select Disable. 
  • Another way is to open the control panel or the options menu, find the section containing the connection settings, and do the same.

In most cases, this will be sufficient, but a much safer solution is to remove any existing VPN connections. To do this, either in the list of VPN client profiles or in an already known control panel, you need to click on “Delete” instead of “Disable”.

Uninstalling the VPN app is the easiest and most effortless way to get rid of bugs and VPNs.

Different browser options

How to remove VPN in Opera? In this program, VPN is a feature that is available immediately after installing the browser itself, so there is no difficulty. The VPN button is located at the top of the interface, to the left of the address bar. You need to left-click on it and move the slider to the appropriate position.

How to hide VPN in Yandex Browser? Unlike Opera, in this browser, the connection to virtual private networks is provided by special extensions. They can be turned on at a strictly allotted time, for example, when viewing blocked sites. 

When their functionality is not needed, there are three ways to disable VPN in Yandex.Browser: 

  • using a button in the extension’s interface;
  • a slider in the browser’s Add-ons;
  • activating incognito mode. 

The last option is interesting because in this case neither VPN nor any other add-ons work. In a normal situation, the extension icons are located on the main browser panel. So to deactivate the VPN, just click on them and change the operating mode. If the add-ons are not needed at all, you can delete them in the Yandex Browser settings.