How to Transfer Photos from Android to PC

Mobile phones are always with us all the time, to where we go and travel exploring different places around the world. And with the quality of photos that it provides us to take, there is practically no need to carry a DSLR anymore. However, over time with the number of pictures that we click, a lot of memory can get consumed with the photos itself. In order to get more amount of space available for apps and another usage, it is important to move the photos from our mobile devices to other electronic gadgets like PC or laptops. If you don’t know how to transfer photos from Android to PC, this article will provide you information on how to do it, in an easy and hassle-free way.

  1. USB

One of the easiest ways to transfer files and photos from your mobile device to your personal computer is through the use of USB. By simply plugging the USB cable from your mobile device to your personal computer, you can easily move any data, files, and photos conveniently and rapidly. You can drag and drop your images from your mobile device to any folder of your choosing on to your personal computer. However, to do so, it is necessary to have a USB cable to transfer the files. Performing the transferring of files through this method does not consume your data and can be done within a span of a few minutes.

  1. Google Drive

Backing up your data on google drive is another way to store the data and move it later to any device of your choosing. However, it can be a time-consuming process. You will first have to move the photos from your phone to google drive and then later on, again move them from your g drive to your personal computer. All of these can consume a lot of your mobile data and requires a longer duration to upload and then download all of these photos. You can also upload the files by enabling auto sync feature, thus whenever you take a photo it will automatically get uploaded on your g-drive.

  1. SD Cards

Another efficient way to transfer photos from one device to another is by using SD cards. Android phones allow a user to make use of SD cards, which is not the case with iOS. The user can directly save their photos into the expandable memory, as opposed to internal storage. You can then transfer the photos from your SD cards to a personal computer using a card reader. Transferring photos from SD cards to PC using a card reader is a fast and relatively easier process.

  1. Email

Users can also transfer their data from their phone to PC using the email functionality. However, in this process, you will have to attach each of the photos into your mail and then send to yourself. After doing so, you will have to log in, into your account through PC and then download it your computer. Again, it will consume a lot of your mobile data and can be a tedious task to perform over and over again. You cannot share more than 25 MB of data through email at a time.

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