Why Do You Need a Dog Camera – Fair Review

Dog Cameras Review

Small cameras are attached to a collar of a dog or cat, and allow to watch for your favourite pet. These devices are for people who adore their little friends. 

EYENIMAL is the first-ever brand of miniature video cameras which allows owners of cats and dogs more information you can get in dog cameras review, to have a broader look in life of the favourite animals. It is a great way to record them on video, to tell story of her or his life, record accidental meetings and wild adventures, to open whims and dreams and to imprint happy and cheerful moments of life! 

Main Features

Let’s list some main features of the EYENIMAL camera

– Owners of freely walking cats often are interested, what they are engaged in when they leave. What do they do? Where do go? What discoveries are made? What habits? 

– The EYENIMAL video camera will allow you to find and save all these moments, allowing you to become their accomplice, and eyes of your pet. Elegant and strong, the video camera can be used as in rural, and city conditions, on walks in the city or the village. 

– Often it happens that in absence of owners, cats and dogs create different nonsenses. Usually it is hard to say what is the reason or motivation of our canine friends to be engaged at home in unseemly affairs when we are absent nearby. This video camera will allow owners to watch favourite pets and to collect valuable material which can be discussed with the specialist in behavior of animals. 

– Fastening will be suitable for all standard collars of cats and dogs, the clip of fastening is configured on any width of a collar 

– The weight of the video camera is no more than 35 g. 

– Thanks to construction of the case, it can also be used in the conditions of dampness and humidity. 

– Thanks to the memory of 8 GB which is built in a flash and the lithium-ion battery 500 mA, the video camera can constantly operate within 2.5 hours. The written video is transferred to the personal computer through the USB cable which is available in a set (it is compatible to Microsoft Win 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS and Linux). 

Description of video cameras 

The first camera to describe is Eyenimal Petcam: 

A great way to save in memory of an adventure of your favourite dog or cat, to learn about its opening, finds, to record great and small pleasures of their life. 

  • built-in microphone 
  • 1 year of a guarantee 
  • USB 2.0 (high-speed) 
  • Operating time 2.5 hours 
  • Memory Internal memory of 4 GB 
  • Permission 680×480 
  • Video AVI format 
  • Writing rate of the 29th frame per second 
  • Temperature is -0 °C 40 °C 
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista operating system, 7 
  • Mac OS 10.x 

There is also Cat Videocam:

Cat Videocam allows to catch the most wonderful stages of your life with eyes of a cat. Such device is necessary for the owner of a cat, the person interested to know all about her behavior. 

  •  Compact size: 41x44x25 mm 
  •  A possibility of night shooting (up to 2 m) 
  •  The detector of the movement stopping shooting when the cat sleeps 
  •  Built-in microphone 
  •  1 year of a guarantee