How to Clear Clipboard on Android?

Do you have to send the same text over and over again? Maybe you are doing a marketing job and have to respond to the client with a welcoming message through your cell phone. Maybe you are working as a freelancer and want to send out an application on various job post request.

Whatever the reason may be, you would have had a pre-made script that you copy and paste, to send it out to your clients and colleagues. Let us face it. Copy and paste are more efficient than writing the same thing over and over again. In this article will talk about, how you can copy and paste on an android phone and how to do you clear the clipboard on Android.

Copy Paste on Android

If you haven’t used an Android device before, the copy paste functionality is quite easy to work with on Android mobile devices. Mostly, people copy contents from the browser. So if you are in need to copy something, here is how to do it.

Long press on the content you want to copy. This will ensure that a blue mark is placed on the content. You can adjust the length of the blue handle based on the content you want to copy and then hit copy. If you are in need to copy everything that is available, simply press the select all button.

However, in some of the apps like Twitter, the blue handle will not appear and when you long press on the content, it will copy the entire text for you. Once the text is copied, navigate where you want to send it and in the text box, long press again. This will make the paste button appear, which when clicked, will paste the entire text you copied. Isn’t that easy?

Clearing Clipboard on Android

Now that you are a copy paste pro, it is also important to clear out certain important copied items, that you don’t want anyone else to access from your phone. There are can be many reasons as to why you would want to clear the clipboard. It may be due to the reason that you have copied way too many items and would like to clear the unnecessary chunk out from your device or anything else. Whatever the reason might be, you should always know your way around it.

As the stock android only has the last item you copied and paste, the previous chunk of data is automatically cleared out. After to copy any new text to paste, the last item is automatically deleted from history.

However, on devices such as Samsung and other Android phones, the user can find a delete all button, once they get access to the clipboard history. By pressing the button, you can delete everything that is there on the clipboard. The clipboard can be accessed by long pressing the text field, just like when you are trying to paste certain items.

Wrapping Up

Copy and pasting text is a simple and effective way to send out repetitive messages to save time and effort. However, it is important to know how to clear out an unnecessary chunk of data, once there is no need of it anymore.

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