AirVPN Review

At this stage in the development of smart technologies, more and more companies, government agencies, and affiliates are turning to building virtual networks using VPNs. Here is more about AirVPN.

Advantages of using VPN

The essence of the technology of virtual private networks (VPNs) is that when connected to a VPN server using special hardware on top of the shared network used, the already built connection creates an encrypted channel that provides a high level of protection of the information channel from unwanted third-party interference persons. Thus, a “tunnel” is created between the personal computer and the server, in which all data is encrypted, and the provider does not understand which site the user is working with. The key criterion of VPN technology is its direct protection of corporate information transmitted over open transmission lines, which must be securely protected by cryptographic methods.

This technology is gaining popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and low cost compared to other technologies.

Connecting to a server via VPN has some advantages:

  • Creating a WAN connection is very expensive and may not be appropriate for individual users. The data transmitted between the two VPN endpoints is encrypted, so no unauthorized interference is possible when the information is transmitted over a public network.
  • Hiding privacy, masking a valid IP address.
  • Bypassing geographical restrictions.

The information transmitted through such communication channels is encrypted, and packets are almost impossible to intercept without the right encryption keys. VPN-Internet allows you to remotely work and use a corporate server and securely transmit sensitive information over the Internet.

The functionality of AirVPN

AirVPN allows PCs to send data as if they were an integral part of a private network. This is achieved in communication routing mode. It is worth considering that any connection is encrypted, and each packet goes through a certain authentication of not only the server but also the client. This leads to the fact that no one (including the Internet provider) will be able to see the transmitted/received data.  In addition, there is no way to trace even the purpose or origin of these very data. Besides, the encryption is so secure that it meets all possible requirements.

AirVPN is a kind of OpenVPN. It is an open-source software product, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which can be used to establish a VPN connection between two computers on a local business network through a public communication infrastructure. It uses special security protocols and 256-bit encryption and can bypass network address translators (NAT) and firewalls. This allows computers to authenticate each other using a shared secret key, certificates, or a username and password.

It does not store any logs that can be transferred to third parties. Since the software does not store information (even e-mail), it cannot distribute information that could violate the privacy of its users.

BitTorrent and other file-sharing applications traffic are allowed on all servers. AirVPN does not discriminate against any protocol or application and maintains the maximum independence of its network.

AirVPN will protect not only a stationary PC but also various devices that can connect to unsecured WiFi networks because such connections are quite insecure. AirVPN tunneling protocols offer different features and security levels, and each has advantages and disadvantages. The location of VPN technology is closely related to the OSI model, which has clear hierarchical relationships. Each layer can contain protocols, which then implement the service, which in turn performs the corresponding function and passes the action to the next layer. The main encryption protocols at this level are L2TP and PPTP, which provide information confidentiality through authentication authorization.

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