5 Protection levels of a Data room

Data Rooms are gradually filling more and more areas of business activity: office IT infrastructure is migrated to remote servers, and business data is protected in cloud storage. 

Data room – an innovative solution for business operations

Modern information technologies are computer processing of information according to pre-developed algorithms, storage of large amounts of information on various media, analysis, and visualization of data, and transmission of the information at any distance in the shortest possible time. A new era has emerged – the era of “Big data” (“Age of big data”) and Data mining (data mining). New solutions bring new models of network infrastructure devices.

That is why in economics and business information technology is used to process, sort, and aggregate data, to organize the interaction of process participants and computers, to meet information needs, for operational communication at all phases and stages of the life cycle of the organization. In general, modern business to ensure a competitive position solves a threefold strategic task:

  • first, it is necessary to establish closer relations with suppliers and customers;
  • secondly, to increase the level of own operational efficiency;
  • thirdly, to increase the competitiveness of products.

All these tasks are impossible without the integration of information systems and technologies in the business sphere.

Virtual Data Room is a model for organizing user access via the Internet to a certain common fund of computing resources. The resources themselves can be different – remote services, storage devices, servers, software, etc. The main principle is unchanged: the resource to which the user gets access is not on his computer or on his local network. A Virtual Data Room provider is commonly referred to as a cloud service.

Virtual technologies involve remote processing and storage of data. The user does not need to worry about the performance of his personal computer, worry about free disk space, purchase a software product if necessary for short-term use. It is enough to have an Internet connection. The user receives a link to access the Data Room and works with it through a browser.

Security aspects of a Virtual Data Room

Based on numerous studies, the following types of threats to information security can be identified:

  • the threat of the impact of poor quality information (unreliable, false, misinformation) on the individual, society, state;
  • threats of unauthorized and illegal influence of third parties on information and information resources (on the production of information, information resources, on the systems of their formation and use);
  • failures in the operation of equipment (may occur when blocking access to one or more resources of the information system);
  • threats to information rights and individual freedoms (the right to produce, distribute, search, receive, transmit and use information; the right to intellectual property to information and property to documented information; the right to personal secrecy; the right to protection of honor and dignity, etc.).

There are several components of e-business protection:

  • engineering and technical protection of information is designed for passive and active counteraction with the help of technical means;
  • software and mathematical protection of information is designed to protect valuable information that is processed and stored in computers, local networks, and various information systems;
  • organizational protection of information contains measures that encourage staff to follow the rules of protection of valuable information of the enterprise. These measures account for 50-60% of the structure of most information security systems
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